Jewellery Care

These are a few tips to keep your jewellery in good condition:

Keep jewellery dry, don’t be tempted to wear in the shower, pool or sea.

Be careful with fragrances, apply lotions before jewellery.

Just like your skin, limit exposure to direct sunlight. Damp and hot conditions can cause jewellery to tarnish.

Remove jewellery before doing any activities to avoid contact with sweat, i.e. exercising, gardening.

Store jewellery in a cool, dry place. A plastic zipped up bag is a great way to store your jewellery and keep it tarnish free. Try to store jewellery separately so they don’t tangle and rub against each other. Avoid sleeping in your jewellery.

You can use silver dip solution or a silver cloth to brighten up your silver and gold jewellery. Always clean it after silver dipping with warm soapy water and a soft toothbrush. For gold vermeil items, they may in time need re-plating which we can do for you.