Personalised Bracelet

Hand made silver charm bracelet with letters and or symbols. You could have the names of your children or your name, anything you want. Each bracelet starts at £85 plus £10 each for every letter.  You can also have birthstones and hearts which start at £20.  The choices are endless… These are made to order so please call or email with your enquiry.

Birthstone Chart

January – Garnet (semi-precious), February – Amethyst (semi-precious), March – Aqua Marine (precious), April – Diamond (precious), May -Emerald (precious), June – Pearl (semi-precious), July – Ruby (precious), August – Peridot (semi-precious), September – Sapphire (precious), October – Oval (precious), November – Topaz (semi-precious), December – Turquoise (semi-precious)

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